Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Member Username Role(s)/Position(s)
Achim Zeileis
Søren Højsgaard
sorenhSenior Developer
Christophe Dutang
dutangcSenior Developer
Matthias Templ
templSenior Developer
Giovanni Montana
gmontanaSenior Developer
Ron Wehrens
rwehrensSenior Developer
Kurt Hornik
khornikSenior Developer
Friedrich Leisch
leischSenior Developer
Katharine Mullen
kmmSenior Developer
Brian O'Meara
bcomearaSenior Developer
Martin Maechler
mmaechlerSenior Developer
Torsten Hothorn
thothornSenior Developer
Max Kuhn
kuhnSenior Developer
Bettina Gruen
gruenSenior Developer
Brandon Whitcher
bwhitcherSenior Developer
Fridolin Wild
fwildSenior Developer
Stefan Theussl
stefan7thSenior Developer
Roger Bivand
rsbivandSenior Developer
Paul Hewson
phewsonSenior Developer
John Fox
jfoxSenior Developer
Ulrike Grömping
ugroempiSenior Developer
Nicholas Lewin-Koh
nikko18Senior Developer
Gavin Simpson
gsimpsonSenior Developer
Patrick Mair
pmairSenior Developer
Reinhold Hatzinger
hatzSenior Developer
Dirk Eddelbuettel
eddSenior Developer
karline soetaert
karlinesSenior Developer
Hans W. Borchers
hwborchersSenior Developer
Thomas Petzoldt
petzoldtSenior Developer
Rebecca Killick
killickSenior Developer
David Armstrong
davidaarmstrongSenior Developer
Ben Bolker
bbolkerSenior Developer
Kevin Wright
kwstatSenior Developer
Rob Hyndman
hyndmanSenior Developer
Edzer Pebesma
edzerSenior Developer
Michael Sumner
mdsumnerSenior Developer
Scott Chamberlain
schamber789Senior Developer
Jaime Ashander
ashanderSenior Developer
Sonja Greven
sgrevenSenior Developer
David Stephenson
dbstephensonSenior Developer
Thomas Leeper
thomasleeperSenior Developer
kevin jaunatre
kevinjaunatreSenior Developer
Julie Josse
jjosseSenior Developer
Erwan Le Pennec
lepennecSenior Developer
Bill Denney
wsloandSenior Developer
Fabian Scheipl
fabiansSenior Developer
Yuan Tang
terrytangyuanSenior Developer
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