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Kurt Hornik
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This developer is a member of the following projects:

ctv: CRAN Task Views (Senior Developer)

e1071 (Senior Developer)

ewc (Admin)

fortunes: R Fortunes (Senior Developer)

kmndirs (Admin)

langid (Senior Developer)

Latent Semantic Analysis (Senior Developer)

Parallel computations in R (Senior Developer)

party (Senior Developer)

PsychoR (Senior Developer)

QFin (Senior Developer)

qrmtools (Admin)

Rcplex (Senior Developer)

R-Forge Site Admin (Senior Developer)

R/Hadoop (Admin)

R on AIX (Senior Developer)

snadata (Admin)

snatm (Admin)

STOPS (Senior Developer)

Symphony in R (Admin)

tm.plugin.mail (Senior Developer)

tm - Text Mining Package (Senior Developer)

VwGHat (Admin)


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