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Posted by: Stefan Theussl
Date: 2009-04-16 15:22
Summary:R-Forge Update
Project:R-Forge Site Admin

We are pleased to see that R-Forge has more than 1000 registered users now. What's more, around 350 projects and almost 400 hosted packages show that there is great interest in R-Forge among the R community. And these numbers are constantly increasing.

We made the following changes and updates to the R-Forge system:

- R-Forge packages now additionally include the following meta information in DESCRIPTION files:
- Repository: R-Forge
- Repository/R-Forge/Project: <project_unix_name>
- Repository/R-Forge/Revision: <revision_in_SVN>

- Date/Publication: <commit_date>
Note that this information is added on the serverside. If the tags already exist they get overwritten. Nevertheless, you may want to include 'Repository/R-Forge/Project' and 'Repository/R-Forge/Revision' in your DESCRIPTION file if you submit your package to CRAN via the non-R-Forge way (i.e., the ftp upload). CRAN uses/will use the information to automatically provide some info (like the link to the R-Forge project) on the package web sites.
- RForgeTools updated to 0.3-6: resolve Omegahat package dependencies, help files, minor fixes.

Best regards,
The R-Forge Administration and Development Team

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