Forum: CRAN Master Upgrade - Advance Notice

Posted by: Stefan Theussl
Date: 2011-10-25 19:09
Summary:CRAN Master Upgrade - Advance Notice
Project:R-Forge Site Admin

To all CRAN-Users/Uploaders/Mirror-Providers :
CRAN master server upgrade on Nov., 2nd.

Technology never stands still, so there comes a point when we need to upgrade our hardware to keep up with todays market.

At the moment we are migrating data to the new server and test it as best as possible. The server will provide exactly the same content that CRAN already provides, but faster, and hopefully saver and better.

The move is being done for several reasons:
- There is better hardware technology available.
- Better technology means faster processing to meet the requirements.
- Hardware devices have a finite life.

The move will take place on Nov.,2nd in the afternoon.

CRAN staff

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