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6489Matrix::sparseMatrix fails when used from Rscript* 2017-01-25 16:34NobodyIago Bonnici
1283Wrong itype=CHOLMOD_LONG in as_cholmod_sparse when sizeof(long) != sizeof(int)* 2011-02-14 12:02NobodyHenrik Alsing Friberg
1331segfault of MatrixModels::glm4(sparse=TRUE) with interaction term including a factor of ~34.000-levels* 2011-03-16 14:19NobodyPhilip R. Kensche
1522xtabs(..., exclude =, sparse = TRUE) fails* 2011-08-13 10:40NobodyFelix Andrews
6155Mutils.h not loaded when linking on solaris* 2015-07-08 15:11NobodyPatrick Brown
6325node stack overflow for"rbind", <list of sparse matrices>) --- design bug in R's methods:::rbind()* 2016-05-09 17:36NobodyBenjamin Tyner
6487segfault on load* 2017-01-17 15:22NobodyAndrea Betancourt
6580sparse model.Matrix doesn't produce correct names for terms with > 1 df* 2018-05-02 20:10NobodyVitalie Spinu
6594Problem with assembling Matrix package in R manually* 2018-07-18 11:41NobodyDmitrii Bobrovskii
6676citation() broken* 2020-06-24 08:19NobodyPatrick Bachmann
6726Valgrind warning (adding offset to null pointer)* 2021-05-13 17:09NobodyDavid Cortes
6728Missing row/column name in 1X1 matrix after multiplication* 2021-06-10 08:04NobodyØyvind Langsrud
6732Sparse vector class description shows numeric indices* 2021-06-25 22:22NobodyDavid Cortes
6733Dimnames not stored in writeMM* 2021-07-08 12:47NobodyQiang Zhang
6734Permanent Warnings after removed the nowhere used (and unexported but still active) class union* 2021-07-25 20:08NobodyHans Meiser
6751as(<ddiMatrix>, "matrix") loses dimnames* 2021-12-07 19:18NobodyMikael Jagan
6766Error when calling crossprod and tcrossprod with some classes* 2022-05-28 12:15NobodyDavid Cortes
6778Another memory corruption / seg.fault* 2022-08-31 11:11NobodyMartin Maechler
6781show, format and/or print methods give error for large dimensional sparse matrices with NA's for dimnames* 2022-10-04 11:58NobodyLuc van Schijndel
6784maintain non-structural zeros in Khatri-Rao product* 2022-10-23 23:25NobodyBen Bolker
6787The URL for bug reports in DESCRIPTION seems to require log-in* 2022-11-05 19:44NobodyGeorgi Boshnakov
6794segfault for QR decomposition of a large dgTMatrix* 2022-12-31 20:13NobodyBen Bolker
6796document names/meanings of matrix classes* 2023-02-07 15:32NobodyBen Bolker
6799Matrix 1.5 should probably rely on newer R versions* 2023-03-12 15:12NobodyDaniel Tholen
6814Clang compiler warnings on Matrix 1.5-4.1* 2023-06-29 17:13NobodyMichael Chirico
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