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42  echo $contents; } ?>  echo $contents; } ?>
44  <!-- end of project description -->  <!-- end of project description -->
 <p>Documentation is available <a href="seqinr_2_0-7.pdf">here</a>. This is  
 version 2.0-7 of the seqinr manual.</p>  
46  <p>We have moved seqinr sources on R-forge in summer 2008. The old seqinr web site  <p><img src="SeqinRGenericCover.png"></p>
47  is <a href="">here</a>, but please note that  
48  some items are now obsolete in the old web site. For instance, if you want to browse  <p>Download the last under development version of seqinR from
49  the source repository, now it's  <a href=>here</a>.</p>
50  <a href="">here</a>  
51  thanks to R-forge's tools. We are planing to move progressively the old web site to this new one.  <p>Version 3.1-5 of the seqinR manual is available <a href="seqinr_3_1-5.pdf">here</a>.</p>
53    <p>Reading FASTA files (help from the very last version of
54     the manual) is <a href="./src/mainmatter/getseqflat.pdf">here</a>.</p>
56    <p>FAQ are <a href="./src/appendix/FAQ.pdf">here</a>.</p>
58    <p>The list of available genetic codes is <a href="./src/appendix/gencodes.pdf">here</a>.</p>
60    <p>Last release notes are <a href="./src/appendix/releasenotes.pdf">here</a>.</p>
62    <p>You can browse the seqinr source repository
63    <a href="">here</a>.
64  </p>  </p>
66  <p> The <strong>project summary page</strong> you can find <a href="http://<?php echo $domain; ?>/projects/<?php echo $group_name; ?>/"><strong>here</strong></a>. </p>  <p>The <strong>project summary page</strong> is <a href="http://<?php echo $domain; ?>/projects/<?php echo $group_name; ?>/">here</a>.
67    </p>
69  </body>  </body>
70  </html>  </html>

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