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Sun Apr 8 00:31:22 2007 UTC (12 years, 4 months ago) by feinerer
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Added a lot of examples to the manuals.
\title{Transform A RCV1 Document To A Plain Text Document}
  Transform a Reuters Corpus Volume 1 XML document to a plain text
convertRCV1Plain(node, ...)
  \item{node}{an XML node representing a <newsitem></newsitem> element
    from a well-formed RCV1 XML file.}
  \item{...}{Arguments passed over by calling functions.}
  A \code{PlainTextDocument} representing \code{node}.
rcv1 <- system.file("texts", "rcv1", package = "tm")
rcv1TDC <- TextDocCol(DirSource(rcv1), readerControl = list(reader = readRCV1, language = "en_US", load = TRUE))
asPlain(rcv1TDC[[1]], convertRCV1Plain)
\author{Ingo Feinerer}
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