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Sat Oct 27 09:14:35 2007 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by feinerer
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Updated documentation
\title{Term-document matrix}
  Constructs a term-document matrix.
TermDocMatrix2(object, control = list())
  \item{object}{a text document collection}
  \item{control}{a list of control options. The option \code{weighting}
    must be a weighting function capable of handling a
    \code{dgCMatrix}. It defaults to \code{weightTf} for term frequency
    weighting. All other options are delegated internally to a
    \code{\link{termFreq}} call.}
  An S4 object of class \code{TermDocMatrix} containing a sparse term-document
  matrix. The following slots contain useful information:

  \item{Data}{The sparse \code{Matrix}}
  \item{Weighting}{The weighting mode applied to the term-document matrix}
  The documentation to \code{\link{termFreq}} gives an extensive list of
  possible arguments.

  Available weighting functions shipped with this
  package are \code{\link{weightTf}}, \code{\link{weightTfIdf}},
  \code{\link{weightBin}} and \code{\link{weightLogical}}.
(tdm <- TermDocMatrix2(crude, control = list(weighting = weightTfIdf, stopwords = TRUE)))
\author{Ingo Feinerer}
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