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Sun Apr 8 00:31:22 2007 UTC (12 years, 4 months ago) by feinerer
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Added a lot of examples to the manuals.
\title{Term-document matrix}
  Constructs a term-document matrix.
\S4method{TermDocMatrix}{TextDocCol}(object, weighting = "tf", stemming
= FALSE, language = "english", minWordLength = 3, minDocFreq = 1,
stopwords = NULL)
  \item{object}{a text document collection}
  \item{weighting}{the weighting mode for the term-document
    matrix. Possible settings are
      \item \code{tf} Term frequency
      \item \code{tf-idf} Term frequency inverse document frequency
      \item \code{bin} Binary frequency
      \item \code{logical} Similar to binary frequency but with Boolean values
  \item{stemming}{if set, stems words before making the term-document matrix.}
  \item{language}{the language determines the stemming rules}
  \item{minWordLength}{words smaller than this number are discarded for
    the term-document matrix.}
  \item{minDocFreq}{words that appear less often in documents than this
    number are discarded for the term-document matrix.}
  \item{stopwords}{either a plain text file with all stopwords or a
    Boolean value. In the latter case the default stopwords in
    accordance with the documents' language are used.}
  An S4 object of class \code{TermDocMatrix} which extends the class
  \code{matrix} containing a term-document matrix. The following slots
  contain useful information:

  \item{Weighting}{The weighting mode applied to the term-document matrix}
TermDocMatrix(crude, weighting = "tf-idf", stopwords = TRUE)
\author{Ingo Feinerer}
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