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Fri Oct 7 09:42:57 2005 UTC (14 years, 1 month ago) by feinerer
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Textmatrix code runs. Simple k-means text clustering (similarity based upon word frequences) works.
2005-10-07  Ingo Feinerer  <>

	* R/textmatrix.R (textmatrix): Removed the transpose of the original
	textmatrix as k-means clustering provided by R (kmeans) now works on
	this textmatrix. The result is a k-means text clustering with a
	similarity measure based upon word frequences.

2005-10-05  Ingo Feinerer  <>

	* R/textmatrix.R: Adapted the preprocessing code from the R
	package "lsa" written by Fridolin Wild to build a document text matrix.

2005-10-02  Ingo Feinerer  <>

	* Set up the R Text Mining Package infrastructure.
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