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Sun Mar 2 20:38:32 2008 UTC (11 years, 8 months ago) by ingmarvisser
Original Path: trunk/man/depmix-class.Rd
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Added detailed depmix class description
\title{Class "depmix"}
\description{A \code{\link{depmix}} model.}
  \item{object}{An object of class "depmix".}
    \item{\code{response}:}{List of list of \code{response} objects.}
	\item{\code{transition}}{List of \code{transInit} objects.}
    \item{\code{prior}:}{\code{transInit} object.}
    \item{\code{dens}:}{Array of dimension sum(ntimes)*nresp*nstates
		providing the densities of the observed responses for each state.}
	\item{\code{trDens}:}{Array of dimension \code{sum(ntimes)}*nstates
		providing the probability of a state transition depending on the
	\item{\code{init}}{Array of dimension \code{length(ntimes)}*nstates with 
		the current predictions for the initial state probabilities.}
	\item{\code{stationary}}{Logical indicating whether the transitions are
		time-dependent or not; for internal use.}
	\item{\code{ntimes}}{A vector containing the lengths of independent time
		series; if data is provided, sum(ntimes) must be equal to
	\item{\code{nstates}}{The number of states of the model.}
	\item{\code{nresp}}{The number of independent responses.}
	\item{\code{npars}}{The total number of parameters of the model. This is not
		the degrees of freedom, ie there are redundancies in the
		parameters, in particular in the multinomial models for the
		transitions and prior.}
\section{Accessor Functions}{
  The following functions should be used for accessing the corresponding
    \item{\code{npar}:}{The number of parameters of the model.}
	\item{\code{nresp}:}{The number of responses.}
	\item{\code{nstates}:}{The number of states.}
	\item{\code{ntimes}:}{The vector of independent time series lengths.}
\author{Ingmar Visser}
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