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Wed Feb 18 12:47:03 2009 UTC (10 years, 6 months ago) by ingmarvisser
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Added tag for release 0.2-0

Changes in depmixS4 version 0.2-0

  o restructured R and Rd (help) files; added depmixS4 help with a short
    overview of the package and links to appropriate help files
  o added function 'simulate' to generate new data from a (fitted) model
  o added function 'forwardbackward' to access the forward and backward 
    variables as well as the smoothed transition and state variables
  o added new glm distributions: gamma, poisson
  o added multivariate normal distribution
  o freepars now works correctly on both depmix and depmix.fitted objects
  o added function 'nlin' to compute the number of linear constraints in 
    a fitted model object

  o added mix class for mixture and latent class models; the depmix class 
    extends this mix class and adds a transition model to it
  o added help file for makeDepmix to provide full control in specifying 
  o minor changes to make depmixS4 compatible with R 2.7.1

Changes in depmixS4 version 0.1-1

  o adjusted for R 2.7.0

First version released on CRAN: 0.1-0
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