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Tue Nov 11 20:39:20 2014 UTC (4 years, 6 months ago) by rossbennett34
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edit TODO to trigger rebuild on R-Forge
TODO list for GSOC 2012-2013 / xtsExtra

  -- Most everything

  -- regularize()

  -- plot.xts
    -- Features:
         auto-legend: use code from Performance Analytics.
           Needs to support blocks, events, lines, etc. more intelligently
         xlim acting panelwise
         xlim to allow plotting trading hours only (or equal time steps like chartSeries)
         axis flexibility (e.g., PBurns' pp.timeplot() )
    -- Bugs:
         labels sometimes overlap (see Jul24 example from KR where Russian and LTCM cross)
         strange abline() bug reported by Samo; see reproducible example in Aug14 email to JMU
    -- Not Sure:
        x <- as.xts(sample_matrix); plot(cbind(x, x[,1]), layout = matrix(1:6, ncol = 2)) -- is this a bug? ggplot2 is ok with it
    -- Long term:
        Do layout without layout so we can move back and forth among screens?
        Write demo or vignette
        Data transforms with BGP & PCC
  -- barplot.xts
    -- Features:
        Rewrite as panel function to plot.xts? (As part of work with PCarl and BPeterson)
    -- Bugs:
        space argument for unstacked plots
        x axis spacing for irregular xts
    -- Long term:
        "River plots"
        P Carl's Unstacked Plots
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