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Wed Jul 18 22:24:05 2012 UTC (6 years, 10 months ago) by weylandt
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Take ylim off bug list
TODO list for GSOC 2012 / xtsExtra

  -- Most everything
  -- regularize()
  -- plot.xts
    -- Features: 
         auto-legend: use code from Performance Analytics. Nees to support blocks, events, lines, etc. 
         xlim acting panelwise
         xlim to allow plotting trading hours only
         ylab.loc = "above" -- put ylabels where titles normally go
    -- Bugs: 
    -- Not Sure: 
        x <- as.xts(sample_matrix); plot(cbind(x, x[,1]), layout = matrix(1:6, ncol = 2)) -- is this a bug? ggplot2 is ok with it
    -- Long term: 
        Do layout without layout so we can move back and forth among screens?
        Write demo or vignette
  -- barplot.xts
    -- Features:
    -- Bugs:
    -- Long term:
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