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Wed Jun 8 17:19:21 2005 UTC (14 years, 2 months ago) by maechler
File size: 957 byte(s)
re-instantiate old examples / tests since R-devel bug seems gone now
### Testing positive definite matrices


h9 <- Hilbert(9)
stopifnot(c(0,0) == dim(Hilbert(0)),
          c(9,9) == h9)
all.equal(determinant(h9)$modulus, -96.7369450737858, tol= 1e-15)
##-> TRUE only on some platforms; seen relative difference of 10^-8
stopifnot(0 == length(h9@factors))# nothing yet
str(f9 <- as(chol(h9), "dtrMatrix"))
## h9 now has factorization
stopifnot(names(h9@factors) == "Cholesky",
          all.equal(rcond(h9), 9.0938e-13),
          all.equal(rcond(f9), 9.1272e-7, tol = 1e-6))# more precision fails
str(h9)# has 'rcond' and 'factors'
(cf9 <- crossprod(f9))# looks the same as  h9 :
                    as.matrix(cf9), tol= 1e-15))

str(hp9 <- as(h9, "dppMatrix"))

s9 <- solve(hp9, seq(nrow(hp9)))
signif(t(s9)/10000, 4)# only rounded numbers are platform-independent
(I9 <- hp9 %*% s9)
stopifnot(all.equal(cbind(1:9), as.matrix(I9), tol = 2e-9))
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