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Wed Sep 6 13:34:03 2006 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by bates
File size: 765 byte(s)
#include "lsCMatrix.h"

 * Check the validity of the slots of an lsCMatrix object
 * @param x Pointer to an lsCMatrix object
 * @return an SEXP that is either TRUE or a character string
 * describing the way in which the object failed the validity check
SEXP lsCMatrix_validate(SEXP x)
    SEXP val = symmetricMatrix_validate(x);
    else {
	/* FIXME needed? ltC* inherits from lgC* which does this in validate*/
	SEXP pslot = GET_SLOT(x, Matrix_pSym),
	    islot = GET_SLOT(x, Matrix_iSym);
	    ncol = length(pslot) - 1,
	    *xp = INTEGER(pslot),
	    *xi = INTEGER(islot);

	if (csc_unsorted_columns(ncol, xp, xi))
	    csc_sort_columns(ncol, xp, xi, (double *) NULL);

	return ScalarLogical(1);
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