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[matrix] Diff of /pkg/src/dtrMatrix.c
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Diff of /pkg/src/dtrMatrix.c

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revision 475, Tue Feb 1 14:44:06 2005 UTC revision 476, Wed Feb 2 11:51:24 2005 UTC
# Line 141  Line 141 
141      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym, duplicate(GET_SLOT(from, Matrix_xSym)));      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym, duplicate(GET_SLOT(from, Matrix_xSym)));
142      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_DimSym,      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_DimSym,
143               duplicate(GET_SLOT(from, Matrix_DimSym)));               duplicate(GET_SLOT(from, Matrix_DimSym)));
144      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_factorization, allocVector(VECSXP, 0));      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_factorSym, allocVector(VECSXP, 0));
145      make_array_triangular(REAL(GET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym)), from);      make_array_triangular(REAL(GET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym)), from);
146      UNPROTECT(1);      UNPROTECT(1);
147      return val;      return val;

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