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Diff of /pkg/src/dsyMatrix.h

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revision 1866, Mon Jun 4 17:11:11 2007 UTC revision 1867, Mon Jun 4 17:13:02 2007 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13  SEXP dsyMatrix_solve(SEXP a);  SEXP dsyMatrix_solve(SEXP a);
14  SEXP dsyMatrix_trf(SEXP x);  SEXP dsyMatrix_trf(SEXP x);
15  SEXP dsyMatrix_validate(SEXP obj);  SEXP dsyMatrix_validate(SEXP obj);
16  double get_norm_sy(SEXP obj, char *typstr);  double get_norm_sy(SEXP obj, const char *typstr);
18  #endif  #endif

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