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Diff of /pkg/src/dsyMatrix.c

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revision 1967, Sat Jul 7 22:47:52 2007 UTC revision 1968, Sat Jul 7 22:49:12 2007 UTC
# Line 63  Line 63 
63      SEXP val = PROTECT(NEW_OBJECT(MAKE_CLASS("dsyMatrix")));      SEXP val = PROTECT(NEW_OBJECT(MAKE_CLASS("dsyMatrix")));
64      int *dims = INTEGER(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_DimSym)), info;      int *dims = INTEGER(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_DimSym)), info;
66      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_uploSym, duplicate(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_uploSym)));      slot_dup(val, trf, Matrix_uploSym);
67      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym, duplicate(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_xSym)));      slot_dup(val, trf, Matrix_xSym);
68      SET_SLOT(val, Matrix_DimSym, duplicate(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_DimSym)));      slot_dup(val, trf, Matrix_DimSym);
69      F77_CALL(dsytri)(uplo_P(val), dims,      F77_CALL(dsytri)(uplo_P(val), dims,
70                       REAL(GET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym)), dims,                       REAL(GET_SLOT(val, Matrix_xSym)), dims,
71                       INTEGER(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_permSym)),                       INTEGER(GET_SLOT(trf, Matrix_permSym)),

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