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Fri Sep 30 17:28:00 2005 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by maechler
File size: 763 byte(s)
more coercions; particularly "d" <-> "l"; more tests (and more FIXMEs!); fixing two "index-0 bugs"; ...
#ifndef MATRIX_CSC_H
#define MATRIX_CSC_H

#include <Rdefines.h>
#include <R_ext/BLAS.h>
#include "Mutils.h"
#include "R_ldl.h"
#include "triplet_to_col.h"

SEXP csc_crossprod(SEXP x);
SEXP csc_tcrossprod(SEXP x);
SEXP csc_matrix_crossprod(SEXP x, SEXP y, SEXP classed);
SEXP dgCMatrix_validate(SEXP x);
SEXP compressed_to_dgTMatrix(SEXP x, SEXP colP);
SEXP compressed_non_0_ij(SEXP x, SEXP colP);
SEXP csc_to_matrix(SEXP x);
SEXP csc_to_dgeMatrix(SEXP x);
SEXP matrix_to_csc(SEXP A);
SEXP double_to_csc(double *a, int *dim_a);
SEXP dgeMatrix_to_csc(SEXP x);
SEXP dgTMatrix_to_csc(SEXP dgTMatrix);
SEXP csc_getDiag(SEXP x);
SEXP csc_transpose(SEXP x);
SEXP csc_matrix_mm(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP classed, SEXP right);
SEXP csc_col_permute(SEXP x, SEXP perm);

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