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Diff of /pkg/src/dense.h

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revision 1452, Sat Aug 26 18:24:13 2006 UTC revision 1453, Sun Aug 27 16:16:35 2006 UTC
# Line 8  Line 8 
8  SEXP lsq_dense_QR(SEXP X, SEXP y);  SEXP lsq_dense_QR(SEXP X, SEXP y);
9  SEXP lapack_qr(SEXP Xin, SEXP tl);  SEXP lapack_qr(SEXP Xin, SEXP tl);
10  SEXP dense_to_Csparse(SEXP x);  SEXP dense_to_Csparse(SEXP x);
11    SEXP ddense_band(SEXP x, SEXP k1, SEXP k2);
13  #endif  #endif

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