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Diff of /pkg/src/dense.c

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revision 338, Fri Nov 12 21:17:36 2004 UTC revision 357, Sat Nov 27 17:56:13 2004 UTC
# Line 208  Line 208 
208          F77_CALL(dgeqrf)(&n, &p, xpt, &n, REAL(qraux), work, &lwork, &info);          F77_CALL(dgeqrf)(&n, &p, xpt, &n, REAL(qraux), work, &lwork, &info);
209          if (info)          if (info)
210              error("Second call to dgeqrf returned error code %d", info);              error("Second call to dgeqrf returned error code %d", info);
211          iwork = (int *) R_alloc(trsz, sizeof(double));          iwork = (int *) R_alloc(trsz, sizeof(int));
212          F77_CALL(dtrcon)("1", "U", "N", &rank, xpt, &n, &rcond,          F77_CALL(dtrcon)("1", "U", "N", &rank, xpt, &n, &rcond,
213                           work, iwork, &info);                           work, iwork, &info);
214          if (info)          if (info)

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