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Diff of /pkg/src/chm_common.h

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revision 1547, Mon Sep 11 14:49:39 2006 UTC revision 1548, Mon Sep 11 22:13:07 2006 UTC
# Line 15  Line 15 
16  SEXP chm_factor_to_SEXP(cholmod_factor *f, int dofree);  SEXP chm_factor_to_SEXP(cholmod_factor *f, int dofree);
17  SEXP chm_sparse_to_SEXP(cholmod_sparse *a, int dofree,  SEXP chm_sparse_to_SEXP(cholmod_sparse *a, int dofree,
18                          int uploT, char *diag, SEXP dn);                          int uploT, int Rkind, char *diag, SEXP dn);
19  SEXP chm_triplet_to_SEXP(cholmod_triplet *a, int dofree,  SEXP chm_triplet_to_SEXP(cholmod_triplet *a, int dofree,
20                           int uploT, char* diag, SEXP dn);                           int uploT, int Rkind, char* diag, SEXP dn);
21  SEXP chm_dense_to_SEXP(cholmod_dense *a, int dofree);  SEXP chm_dense_to_SEXP(cholmod_dense *a, int dofree, int Rkind);
22  /*                     int uploST, char *diag, SEXP dn); */  /*                     int uploST, char *diag, SEXP dn); */
23  SEXP chm_dense_to_matrix(cholmod_dense *a, int dofree, SEXP dn);  SEXP chm_dense_to_matrix(cholmod_dense *a, int dofree, SEXP dn);

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