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Fri Oct 17 16:07:38 2008 UTC (10 years, 4 months ago) by dmbates
File size: 5289 byte(s)
Compile only the UF_long version of SparseSuite but setting UF_long to be int
/* This file has been modified for the Matrix package for R.  The SPQR
 * package requires the UF_long versions of other SuiteSparse
 * packages. On 32-bit systems these would be 32-bit ints but on
 * 64-bit systems these would be 64-bit ints.  R does not have a
 * native 64-bit int type.  To provide compatibility with the R
 * storage types and to allow use of SPQR without requiring both the
 * INT and the LONG versions to be compiled, we redefine UF_long to be
 * an int.  This is against the spirit of the documentation included
 * below but allows for only one version of the SparseSuite libraries
 * to be compiled and linked. Having a version of sparse matrices with
 * 64-bit integers in the compiled code does not make sense because
 * these cannot at present be represented as R objects (well, without
 * trickery like representing the i, j and p slots as doubles).

/* ========================================================================== */
/* === UFconfig.h =========================================================== */
/* ========================================================================== */

/* Configuration file for SuiteSparse: a Suite of Sparse matrix packages
 * UFconfig.h provides the definition of the long integer.  On most systems,
 * a C program can be compiled in LP64 mode, in which long's and pointers are
 * both 64-bits, and int's are 32-bits.  Windows 64, however, uses the LLP64
 * model, in which int's and long's are 32-bits, and long long's and pointers
 * are 64-bits.
 * SuiteSparse packages that include long integer versions are
 * intended for the LP64 mode.  However, as a workaround for Windows 64
 * (and perhaps other systems), the long integer can be redefined.
 * If _WIN64 is defined, then the __int64 type is used instead of long.
 * The long integer can also be defined at compile time.  For example, this
 * could be added to
 * CFLAGS = -O -D'UF_long=long long' -D'UF_long_max=9223372036854775801' \
 *   -D'UF_long_id="%lld"'
 * This file defines UF_long as either long (on all but _WIN64) or
 * __int64 on Windows 64.  The intent is that a UF_long is always a 64-bit
 * integer in a 64-bit code.  ptrdiff_t might be a better choice than long;
 * it is always the same size as a pointer.
 * This file also defines the SUITESPARSE_VERSION and related definitions.
 * Copyright (c) 2007, University of Florida.  No licensing restrictions
 * apply to this file or to the UFconfig directory.  Author: Timothy A. Davis.

#ifndef _UFCONFIG_H
#define _UFCONFIG_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include <limits.h>

/* ========================================================================== */
/* === UF_long ============================================================== */
/* ========================================================================== */

#ifndef UF_long
/* Changes for the Matrix package in R.  Unconditionally define
 * UF_long as int. 

#define UF_long int
#define UF_long_max INT_MAX
#define UF_long_id "%d"


#ifdef _WIN64

#define UF_long __int64
#define UF_long_max _I64_MAX
#define UF_long_id "%I64d"


#define UF_long long
#define UF_long_max LONG_MAX
#define UF_long_id "%ld"



/* ========================================================================== */
/* === SuiteSparse version ================================================== */
/* ========================================================================== */

/* SuiteSparse is not a package itself, but a collection of packages, some of
 * which must be used together (UMFPACK requires AMD, CHOLMOD requires AMD,
 * COLAMD, CAMD, and CCOLAMD, etc).  A version number is provided here for the
 * collection itself.  The versions of packages within each version of
 * SuiteSparse are meant to work together.  Combining one packge from one
 * version of SuiteSparse, with another package from another version of
 * SuiteSparse, may or may not work.
 * SuiteSparse Version 3.2.0 contains the following packages:
 *  AMD		    version 2.2.0
 *  CAMD	    version 2.2.0
 *  COLAMD	    version 2.7.1
 *  CCOLAMD	    version 2.7.1
 *  CHOLMOD	    version 1.7.0
 *  CSparse	    version 2.2.1
 *  CXSparse	    version 2.2.1
 *  KLU		    version 1.0.1
 *  BTF		    version 1.0.1
 *  LDL		    version 2.0.1
 *  UFconfig	    version number is the same as SuiteSparse
 *  UMFPACK	    version 5.2.0
 *  RBio	    version 1.1.1
 *  UFcollection    version 1.1.1
 *  LINFACTOR       version 1.1.0
 *  MESHND          version 1.1.0
 *  SSMULT          version 1.1.0
 *  MATLAB_Tools    no specific version number
 *  SuiteSparseQR   version 1.1.0
 * Other package dependencies:
 *  BLAS	    required by CHOLMOD and UMFPACK
 *  LAPACK	    required by CHOLMOD
 *  METIS 4.0.1	    required by CHOLMOD (optional) and KLU (optional)

#define SUITESPARSE_DATE "Sept 20, 2008"
#define SUITESPARSE_VER_CODE(main,sub) ((main) * 1000 + (sub))

#ifdef __cplusplus
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