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Thu Sep 15 14:53:55 2005 UTC (14 years, 5 months ago) by bates
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Adding CHOLMOD and related source packages
This file contains configuration settings for
all many of the software packages that I develop or

  Package Version       Description
  ------- -------       -----------
  AMD	  1.2 or later  approximate minimum degree ordering
  COLAMD  2.4 or later  column approximate minimum degree ordering
  CCOLAMD 2.4 or later  constrained approximate minimum degree ordering
  UMFPACK 4.5 or later	sparse LU factorization, with the BLAS
  CHOLMOD any		sparse Cholesky factorization, update/downdate
  KLU	  1.0 or later  sparse LU factorization, BLAS-free
  BTF	  1.0 or later  permutation to block triangular form
  LDL	  any		concise sparse LDL'
  LPDASA  any		LP Dual Active Set Algorithm

In addition, the xerbla/ directory contains Fortan and C versions
of the BLAS/LAPACK xerbla routine, which is called when an invalid
input is passed to the BLAS or LAPACK.  The xerbla provided here
does not print any message, so the entire Fortran I/O library does
not need to be linked into a C application.  Most versions of the
BLAS contain xerbla, but those from K. Goto do not.  Use this if
you need too.
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