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Diff of /pkg/src/Mutils.h

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revision 1517, Wed Sep 6 13:34:03 2006 UTC revision 1546, Mon Sep 11 14:49:05 2006 UTC
# Line 157  Line 157 
158  SEXP Matrix_expand_pointers(SEXP pP);  SEXP Matrix_expand_pointers(SEXP pP);
 /* Move these to the lme4 sources */  
 SEXP alloc_dgeMatrix(int m, int n, SEXP rownms, SEXP colnms);  
 SEXP alloc_dpoMatrix(int n, char *uplo, SEXP rownms, SEXP colnms);  
 SEXP alloc_dtrMatrix(int n, char *uplo, char *diag, SEXP rownms, SEXP colnms);  
 SEXP alloc_dsCMatrix(int n, int nz, char *uplo, SEXP rownms, SEXP colnms);  
160  SEXP dup_mMatrix_as_dgeMatrix(SEXP A);  SEXP dup_mMatrix_as_dgeMatrix(SEXP A);
162  static R_INLINE SEXP  static R_INLINE SEXP

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