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Mon Dec 14 12:54:08 2015 UTC (3 years, 5 months ago) by bodanker
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Do not set initDate argument in demos

Do not set initDate for initPortf, initAcct, or initOrders in any of the
demos. Specifying the initDate argument incorrectly can cause errors
that are difficult for users to diagnose, so we shouldn't provide demos
that suggest users need to set initDate manually.

Rename initDate to startDate in all demos in order to avoid confusion
with initDate argument to initPortf, initAcct, and initOrders.
#!/usr/bin/Rscript --vanilla
# Jan Humme (@opentrades) - August 2012
# Tested and found to work correctly using blotter r1457
# After Jaekle & Tamasini: A new approach to system development and portfolio optimisation (ISBN 978-1-905641-79-6)
# Figure 3.11: MAE graph of Luxor system


data('luxor-p066', package='quantstrat', envir=.blotter)

currency(c('GBP', 'USD'))
exchange_rate(c('GBPUSD'), tick_size=0.0001)

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