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revision 867, Fri Aug 19 16:59:46 2005 UTC revision 868, Fri Aug 19 17:01:11 2005 UTC
# Line 11  Line 11 
11  \description{Virtual Mother Class of All Sparse Matrices}  \description{Virtual Mother Class of All Sparse Matrices}
12  \section{Slots}{  \section{Slots}{
13    \code{Dim}, and \code{Dimnames}, see \code{\link{Matrix-class}}.    \code{Dim}, and \code{Dimnames}, see \code{\link{Matrix-class}}.
14    % Should this be "written in stone" or should they be added?
15    %   Note that the current implementation keeps \code{Dimnames} empty for
16    %   sparse matrices.
17  }  }
18  \section{Extends}{  \section{Extends}{
19    Class \code{"Matrix"}, directly.    Class \code{"Matrix"}, directly.

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