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Mon Sep 11 22:13:07 2006 UTC (12 years, 5 months ago) by maechler
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new nMatrix and subclasses; lsparse change to have x slot; many consequences
\title{Triangular Dense Logical Matrices}
  The \code{"ntrMatrix"} class is the class of triangular, dense,
  logical matrices in nonpacked storage.  The \code{"ntpMatrix"} class
  is the same except in packed storage.
    \item{\code{x}:}{Object of class \code{"logical"}. The logical
      values that constitute the matrix, stored in column-major order.}
    \item{\code{uplo}:}{Object of class \code{"character"}. Must be
      either "U", for upper triangular, and "L", for lower triangular.}
    \item{\code{diag}:}{Object of class \code{"character"}. Must be
      either \code{"U"}, for unit triangular (diagonal is all ones), or
      \code{"N"}; see \code{\linkS4class{triangularMatrix}}.}
    \item{\code{Dim},\code{Dimnames}:}{The dimension (a length-2
      \code{"integer"}) and corresponding names (or \code{NULL}), see the
      \code{\linkS4class{Matrix}} class.}
    \item{\code{factors}:}{Object of class \code{"list"}.  A named
      list of factorizations that have been computed for the matrix.}
  \code{"ntrMatrix"} extends class \code{"ngeMatrix"}, directly, whereas\cr
  \code{"ntpMatrix"} extends class \code{"ndenseMatrix"}, directly.

  Both extend Class \code{"triangularMatrix"}, directly,
  and class \code{"denseMatrix"}, \code{"lMatrix"} and others,
  \emph{in}directly, use \code{\link{showClass}("nsyMatrix")}, e.g., for
  Currently, mainly \code{\link{t}()} and coercion methods (for
  \code{\link{as}(.)}; use, e.g.,
  \code{\link{showMethods}(class="nsyMatrix")} for details.
  Classes \code{\linkS4class{ngeMatrix}}, \code{\linkS4class{Matrix}};
  function \code{\link[base]{t}}

(nutr <- as(upper.tri(matrix(,4,4)), "ntrMatrix"))
str(nutp <- as(nutr, "ntpMatrix"))# packed matrix: only 10 = (4+1)*4/2 entries
!nutp ## the logical negation (is *not* logical triangular !)
## but this one is:
stopifnot(all.equal(nutp, as(!!nutp, "ntpMatrix")))
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