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Thu Jun 8 09:30:21 2006 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by maechler
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implemented all 4 of {rowSums(), ... colMeans()}
\title{Virtual Class "denseMatrix" of All Dense Matrices}
\description{This is the virtual class of all dense (S4) matrices.
  It is the direct superclass of
  class \code{"Matrix"} directly.
  %% MM :adding the slots here because "R CMD check" gave warning
  %%  _WHY_ was this not necessary in ./ddenseMatrix-class.Rd ?
  %%   or ./sparseMatrix-class.Rd  ???
  exactly those of its superclass \code{"Matrix"}, i.e.,
    \item{\code{factors}:}{Object of class \code{"list"} - a list
      of factorizations of the matrix.}
    \item{\code{Dim}:}{length 2 \code{"integer"}}
    \item{\code{Dimnames}:}{\code{"list"} of length 2,}
  %% not sufficient: \code{Dim}, and \code{Dimnames},
  see \code{\linkS4class{Matrix}}.
  Use \code{\link{showMethods}(class = "denseMatrix", where =
    "package:Matrix")} for an overview of methods.

  Extraction (\code{"["}) methods,
  see \code{\link{[-methods}}.%-> ./Xtrct-methods.Rd
  Its superclass \code{\linkS4class{Matrix}}, and main subclasses,
  \code{\linkS4class{ddenseMatrix}} and \code{\linkS4class{sparseMatrix}}.
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