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\title{Extract variance and correlation components}
VarCorr(x, \dots)
  \item{x}{a fitted model object, usually an object inheriting from
    class \code{lmer}.
  \item{\dots}{Additional, optional arguments for some methods.  At
    present none are used.}
  Extract the estimated variances, standard
  deviations, and correlations of the random-effects terms in a
  linear mixed-effects model, of class \code{lme}, or a generalized
  linear mixed-effects model. When appropriate,
  the within-group error variance and standard deviation are also
  an object of class \code{VarCorr}.
\seealso{\code{\link{lmer}}, \code{\link{VarCorr-class}}}
(fm2 <- lmer(Reaction ~ Days + (1|Subject) + (0+Days|Subject), sleepstudy))
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