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\title{SplineBasis class.}
splineBasis(type = "bspline", x, breaks, rangeval, norder = 3,
  lambda = 0.1, tol = 1e-16, first = 0, last = 0)


getSplineDesign(bs, x, all = TRUE)

fitSplineBasis(bs, x, y)
\item{type}{Type of spline basis: 'bspline', 'mspline' or 'ispline'. The default value is 'bspline'.}

\item{x}{Numeric vector of data points.}

\item{breaks}{Break points. Include the boundary knots; ordered.}

\item{rangeval}{The range of data points (minimum and maximum values). Must include the break points.}

\item{norder}{The order of the basis functions. The cubic spline basis has the order 4. The default value: 3.}

\item{lambda}{Smoothing parameter for quadratic solver when performing fitting with restriction conditions.}

\item{tol}{Tolerance value for stopping criteria in iterative procedures.}

\item{first}{The number of first basis functions to be omitted. Supported values: 0 or 1. The default value is 0.}

\item{last}{The number of last basis functions to be omitted. Supported values: 0 or 1. The default value is 0.}

\item{...}{Parameters of constructor.}

\item{bs}{An object of class \code{SplineBasis}.}

\item{all}{Logical whther include all basis functions.}

\item{y}{Numeric vector of data points (respone).}
An object of class 'SplineBasis'.

A design matrix.

Numeric vector of beta coefficients.
Slots: type, rangeval, nbasis, params, breaks, norder, knots.

Constructor of SplineBasis class.

Wrapper to constructor of SplineBasis Class.

Function getSplineDesign.

Function fitSplineBasis.
The number of spline basis functions: \eqn{nbasis = norder + nknots - 2}.
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