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revision 1480, Fri Apr 28 15:13:08 2017 UTC revision 1481, Sat May 20 10:28:00 2017 UTC
# Line 2  Line 2 
2  \title{News for Package 'tm'}  \title{News for Package 'tm'}
3  \encoding{UTF-8}  \encoding{UTF-8}
4  \section{Changes in tm version 0.7-2}{  \section{Changes in tm version 0.7-2}{
6        \itemize{
7          \item \code{DataframeSource} now only processes data frames with the two
8            mandatory columns \code{"doc_id"} and \code{"text"}. Additional columns
9            are used as document level metadata. This implements compatibility with
10            \emph{Text Interchange Formats} corpora
11            (\url{}).
12          \item \code{readTabular()} has been removed. Use \code{DataframeSource}
13            instead.
14        }
15      }
16    \subsection{BUG FIXES}{    \subsection{BUG FIXES}{
17      \itemize{      \itemize{
18        \item Correctly handle the \code{dictionary} argument when constructing a        \item Correctly handle the \code{dictionary} argument when constructing a

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