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revision 510, Fri Feb 4 23:36:17 2005 UTC revision 935, Tue Sep 20 10:14:57 2005 UTC
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1    - Sparse matrix methods can now be based on the CHOLMOD package.  We
2       will need to migrate from the current code to CHOLMOD-based code
3       using #ifdef USE_CHOLMOD.  Some of the things to be done
5       - Move documentation from subdirectories of src to inst/doc
6       - Write utilities to create a cholmod_sparse pointer from a
7       dgCMatrix or lgCMatrix (or zgCMatrix) object without copying and
8       allocating.
9       - Start adding simple S4 methods (rcond, %*%, +, cbind, t).
11  - Report the problem in the Linux ldexp manual page.  The second and  - Report the problem in the Linux ldexp manual page.  The second and
12    third calls in the Synopsis should be to ldexpf and ldexpl.    third calls in the Synopsis should be to ldexpf and ldexpl.
14  - [,] indexing  - [,] indexing: for sparse "works", but not yet for negative indices!
16    - group generics: "Arith" (partly done),
17      but also "Compare", "Math" etc;
18      see ?Math  and the examples in ?SetGeneric
20    - methods for rbind and cbind where they make sense
21      (Kurt is particularly interested in dgCMatrix ones, for pkg 'arules')
22      ****> UNFEASIBLE as long cbind is function(..., *) !!!! <*******
23        --> follow John's proposition  cbind(x, ...) via Generic cbind2(x,y)?
25    - consider moving alloc3Darray from ./src/Mutils.c to
26      $(RSRC)/src/base/array.c
28    -  slot "factors" maybe should move up to "Matrix"
30    -------
32    - provide methods for "dspMatrix" and "dppMatrix"!
34    - implement (more) methods for supporting "packed" (symmetric / triangular)
35      matrices; particularly something like pack() and unpack()  [to/from our
36      classes from/to "numeric"] --- have already man/unpack.Rd but no method yet!
38      (have some dtr* <-> dtp*)
40    - implement diagonal Matrix class  "ddiMatrix" etc
41      using constructor function Diagonal() or Diag().
43  - group generics: "Arith", but also "Ops" and "Math";  see  BUG: rcond() of a singular dpoMatrix gives a LaPack error instead of just 0:
44    ?  and the examples in    MM <- crossprod(M <- Matrix(c(1:4,9:6), 2,4)) ; rcond(MM)
45    ?SetGeneric    ##> Error in rcond(MM) : Lapack routine dpotrf returned error code 4
 - check to see if the .onLoad function to require the methods package  
   (in the AllClass.R file) is needed  
48  - Should the uplo and diag slots continue to be stored as character?  ---
   An alternative is to use a factor as in the enum values for the  
50  - Organization of the source code files - right now they are organized  - combine the C functions for multiplication by special forms and
51    according to class (e.g. dgeMatrix.R, dgeMatrix.h, dgeMatrix.c).  Is    solution wrt special forms by using a 'right' argument and a
52    there a better way?    'classed' argument.
53       [done with dgeMatrix_matrix_mm();  not yet for other classes;
54        and for _crossprod()]
56  - Fix the calculation of the Dim slot for the crossprod method for  - add more comprehensive examples / tests for Schur decomposition
   dgCMatrix objects (too tired to do that now).  
58  - bCrosstab(): do we really want the diagonal "V:V" crosstabs?  - arithmetic for sparse matrices:
59                 <sparseMatrix>  o  <same-dim-sparseMatrix>
60      should return a sparse matrix  for at least "+" and "*" , also %%,
61      and "/" and "%/%" at least when the RHS is non-zero a scalar.
62      Challenge: nice implementation (``common non-0''; but Tsparse* is not uniq).
64  - src/Metis/ : some Makefile needs fixing, as changing src/Metis/*.c  ---
              does not lead to recompilation.  
66  - man/Matrix.Rd :  has example with dimnames, but we just drop them!  - Create a Harwell-Boeing version of the matrix mm and the response
67                  MM thinks dimnames should be supported (but then ...)    vector y in inst/external and remove them from the data directory.
68      Modify any examples that use them and modify the Comparisons vignette.
70  - data/ : names 'mm' and even more 'y' are  ``too short''.  - "Math2" , "Math", "Arith":
71          If we really want to keep them, don't use "LazyData"     keep triangular and symmetric Matrices when appropriate:
72          (such that one needs  data(*) explicitly);     particularly desirable for  "Math2": round(), signif()
         But MM would rather want something like and ex.y  

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