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revision 472, Mon Jan 31 21:23:39 2005 UTC revision 510, Fri Feb 4 23:36:17 2005 UTC
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6  - group generics: "Arith", but also "Ops" and "Math";  see  - group generics: "Arith", but also "Ops" and "Math";  see
7    ?  and the examples in    ?  and the examples in
8    ?SetGeneric    ?SetGeneric
10    - check to see if the .onLoad function to require the methods package
11      (in the AllClass.R file) is needed
13    - Should the uplo and diag slots continue to be stored as character?
14      An alternative is to use a factor as in the enum values for the
15      cblas.
17    - Organization of the source code files - right now they are organized
18      according to class (e.g. dgeMatrix.R, dgeMatrix.h, dgeMatrix.c).  Is
19      there a better way?
21    - Fix the calculation of the Dim slot for the crossprod method for
22      dgCMatrix objects (too tired to do that now).
24    - bCrosstab(): do we really want the diagonal "V:V" crosstabs?
26    - src/Metis/ : some Makefile needs fixing, as changing src/Metis/*.c
27                 does not lead to recompilation.
29    - man/Matrix.Rd :  has example with dimnames, but we just drop them!
30                    MM thinks dimnames should be supported (but then ...)
32    - data/ : names 'mm' and even more 'y' are  ``too short''.
33            If we really want to keep them, don't use "LazyData"
34            (such that one needs  data(*) explicitly);
35            But MM would rather want something like and ex.y

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