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revision 1887, Thu Jun 7 09:04:34 2007 UTC revision 2005, Wed Jul 18 14:46:20 2007 UTC
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142    !M  where M is "sparseMatrix", currently always gives dense. This only    !M  where M is "sparseMatrix", currently always gives dense. This only
143    makes sense when M is ``really sparse''.    makes sense when M is ``really sparse''.
145  - column names of sparse matrices are not printed;  - log1p(<sparseMatrix>) "should" give <dsparseMatrix>
146    we now "mention" them (if they are non-empty).    Pretty surely, this would happen automagically, if "log1p" became part of
147    Option:    "Math" group generic ---> which is the case from R 2.6.0 on
         build show( <sparseMatrix>) on a function, possibly  
         print.sparseMatrix(), which gets an argument such as  
         '  = FALSE' which is documented and can be set to TRUE  
149  - 'arules' needs fast colSums() and rowSums() - for ngCMatrix;  - msy <- as(matrix(c(2:1,1:2),2), "dsyMatrix"); str(msy)
150    do it for "nMatrix" and "lMatrix" and return *integer*  
151      shows that the Cholesky factorization is computed ``too quickly''.
152      Can be a big pain for largish matrices, when it is unneeded.
154    - diag(m) <- val    currently automatically works via  m[cbind(i,i)] <- val
155      However,
156      we need methods for 'diag<-' at least for diagonalMatrix,
157      triangularMatrix, and probably also "dense*general*Matrix" since the
158      above currently goes via "matrix" and back instead of using the 'x' slot
159      directly.

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