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Wed Dec 12 07:05:18 2012 UTC (9 years, 5 months ago) by wincent
File size: 1474 byte(s)
rename an argument in pdfXMP, add Rd files; RQDA 0.2-3 rc
RQDA 0.2-3
* can import PDF highlights now [Jabref XMP imported as memo, reliant on rjpod - available on r-forge]
* improvement of "search a word" in the opened file [Files]
* sort codes according to frequency [Codes]
* show number of codings [Codes]
* add "Save as" button [Project]
* fix bugs related to encoding issues

RQDA 0.2-2
* easier to uncode a coding (major change in GUI behaviour)
* rename of GetAttr to getAttr
* support MySQL preliminarily
* export attribute items in pop-up menu
* new function of codingBySearch, for auto-coding
* new function of exportCodedFile
* enchancement related to encoding
* various bugfixes

RQDA 0.2-1
* change of the GUI: add two buttons (new and attribute) to the file tab.
* C2Memo button is removed and right-click of coding label activate the same coding memo widget
* new function of ViewPlainFile
* only update the coding database when the code anchor is removed to avoid the ensuing wrong index
* bugfixes related to highlighting and tooltips (caused by changes of api in up stream packages)
* other bugfixes

RQDA 0.1-9
* widgets are enabled only if they are usable.
* Better code categories management system and various improvements of GUI.
* Click-handler for second half of code-mark.
* Better default color scheme for code mark.
* New function of and().
* New option "both" in "type of retrieval".
* New option of subset in GetAtrr().
* It can handle ' correctly now.
* Upgrade RGtk2 (>=2.12.12).
* Various bugfixes.
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