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Tue Mar 30 23:21:34 2004 UTC (16 years, 2 months ago) by bates
File size: 621 byte(s)
Change coersions to R code only
setReplaceMethod("coef", signature(object = "ssclme", value = "numeric"),
                 function(object, unconst = FALSE, ..., value)
                 .Call(ifelse(unconst, "ssclme_coefGetsUnc",
                       object, as.double(value), PACKAGE = "Matrix"))

setAs("ssclme", "sscMatrix",
      new("sscMatrix", i = from@i, p = from@p, Dim = from@Dim, x = from@x,
          uplo = "U"))

setAs("ssclme", "tscMatrix",
      new("sscMatrix", i = from@Li, p = from@Lp, Dim = from@Dim, x = from@Lx,
          uplo = "L"))
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