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Revision 46 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Jun 21 19:54:33 2012 UTC (5 years, 11 months ago) by mdowle
File size: 7774 byte(s)
Fixed links, and refreshed.
popcon = function(scrape=TRUE) {
    popcon = ""
    crantasticpath = ""
    insiderpath = ""
    if (scrape) {
        popcon ="rbind",lapply(1:3,function(i) {
            cat("Fetching page",i,"of",popcon,"...")
            html = scan(paste(popcon,"?page=",i,sep=""),character(),quiet=TRUE)
            n = grep("[/]packages[/]",html)[-1]   # -1 removes the header "all" line
            pkgs = html[n]
            pkgs = gsub("<.+","",pkgs)
            pkgs = gsub(".+>","",pkgs)
            d = sapply(mapply(seq,n+1,c(tail(n-1,-1),tail(n,1)+15)),function(i)paste(html[i],collapse=""))
            d = strsplit(d,split="<td>")
            avgvote = suppressWarnings(as.numeric(gsub("/.*","",sapply(d,"[",4))))
            users = suppressWarnings(as.integer(gsub("<.*","",sapply(d,"[",5))))
        nas =$avgvote) |$users)
        if (any(nas)) {
            cat("Likely blanks in popcon (i.e. no vote) :\n")
        # now fetch the number of votes (which is only on the detail page for each package)
        numvotes = sapply(popcon$pkgs, function(i){
            cat("Fetching",i,"from Crantastic ... ")
            tt = try(html <- scan(paste(crantasticpath,gsub("[.]","-",i),sep=""),character(),quiet=TRUE))
            if (inherits(tt,"try-error")) {
                cat("Crantastic link error, using 0 for this package\n")
                ans = 0
            } else {
                ans = gsub("[(]","",html[grep("vote.*)",html)-1])[1]
                ans = suppressWarnings(as.integer(ans))
                if ( || ans<0) {
                    cat("Try rerunning, otherwise possible format error (Crantastic).\n")
                    ans = 0
        # fetch the votes from Inside-R 
        insidervotes = sapply(popcon$pkgs, function(i) {
            cat("Fetching",i,"from Inside-R ... ")
            html = try(scan(paste(insiderpath,i,sep=""),character(),quiet=TRUE))
            if (inherits(html,"try-error")) return(0)  # e.g. maxent had no page yet on Inside-R on 24 Aug
            ans = html[grep("vote.*>[0-9]+<",html)]
            if (!length(ans)) return(0)  # some pkgs had no votes showing on Inside-R
            ans = as.integer(sapply(strsplit(ans,split="[<>]"),"[",4))[1]
            if ( || ans<0) stop("likely format error (Inside-R)")
        ans = cbind(popcon,numvotes,insidervotes)
        # Old modified score (too complicated and too sensitive to outlier votes) :
        # ans$score = round(with(ans, ((avgvote*numvotes+3)/(numvotes+1) + (users*5+3)/(users+1))/2),3)
        # all packages start with one 3* vote
        # an "i use this!" counts as a 5*, again starting with one default 3*
        # then equally weight vote and users
        ans$crantasticrank = 1:nrow(ans)
        ans = ans[order(-ans$users),]   # now rank by #users only, simple
        ans$rank = 1:nrow(ans)
        rownames(ans) = NULL
        ans = ans[,c("pkgs","avgvote","numvotes","users","rank","crantasticrank","insidervotes")]
        colnames(ans)[6:7] = c("Crantastic Rank","Inside-R Votes")
    } else load("ans.Rdata")
    fnam = path.expand("~/R/unknownr/www/toppkgs.csv")
    write(format(Sys.time(),"%d %b %Y"),fnam)
    # warning is about column names being added
    fnam = path.expand("~/R/unknownr/www/toppkgs.html")
    require(hwriter)  # yes, I have voted for hwriter
    p = openPage(fnam, link.css="hwriter.css")
    hwrite('<br>This package list is compiled and used by <a href="">unknownR</a> to help users<br>easily and quickly discover useful packages rated by other users. By<br>',p)
    hwrite('default the top 30 are included in unknownR\'s list (plus R-core<br>recommended packages included in R).<br><br>',p)    
    hwrite(paste('Data is scraped from Crantastic and Inside-R; see ',hwrite('footnote', link='#footnote'),'.<br>',sep=""),p)
    hwrite("Note that Inside-R appears to multiply Crantastic's votes by a scaling factor.<br><br>",p)
    colnames(ans)[1]="CRAN package"
    ans = ans[,c("rank","CRAN package","users","avgvote","numvotes","Crantastic Rank","Inside-R Votes")]
    colnames(ans)[1] ="Rank"
    colnames(ans)[3] ="Users"
    colnames(ans)[4] ="AvgVote"
    colnames(ans)[5] ="NumVotes"
    hwrite(ans, p, row.names=FALSE,
         'text-align:right',Users='text-align:right',NumVotes='text-align:right',Rank='text-align:right',"Crantastic Rank"='text-align:right',"Inside-R Votes"='text-align:right'),
                   col.links=list("CRAN package"=paste(crantasticpath,ans$"CRAN package",sep=""),
                                  "Crantastic Rank"=paste(crantasticpath,ans$"CRAN package",sep=""),
                                  "Inside-R Votes"=paste(insiderpath,ans$"CRAN package",sep="")))
    hwrite('<br><a href="">Crantastic\'s ranking</a> seems inappropriate for unknownR\'s needs:<br>',p,name="footnote")
    hwrite('<ul><li>Packages with just one 5* vote (and no other votes) are ranked first because they have the maximum vote of 5.000.',p)
    hwrite('<li>ggplot2 is ranked 41st (when writing this), which doesn\'t seem correct given it has the most votes and the most users, by far.',p)
    hwrite('<li>Some packages on page <a href="">2</a> and <a href="">3</a> have many votes and users, but are harder to find.</ul>',p)
    hwrite('So, the data is scraped and we rank by the number of users, to address these issues.<br>',p)
    hwrite('No claim is made that this is the <em>best</em> method, just that it is better than Crantastic\'s rank.<br>',p)
    hwrite('This adjustment has been suggested to Hadley. If popcon is changed, this page can be removed.<br>',p)
    hwrite('The R function that generates this page, is <a href="">here</a>.<br><br>',p)
    hwrite('The content and data from <a href="">Crantastic</a> and <a href="">Inside-R</a> is available under the <a href="">CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported</a> license.<br>',p)
    hwrite('The derived data on this page is also available under the <a href="">CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported</a> license.',p)
    hwrite('<script type="text/javascript">var sc_project=6700858;var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="3e5c47ee";</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript><div class="statcounter"><a title="website statistics" href="" target="_blank"><img class="statcounter" src="" alt="website statistics"></a></div></noscript>',p)
    browseURL(paste("file://", fnam, sep = ""))
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