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Wed Mar 16 16:55:32 2005 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by maechler
File size: 642 byte(s)
rename s/M.n/M.v/ etc
#### "Namespace private" Auxiliaries  such as method functions
#### (called from more than one place --> need to be defined early)

## For %*% (M = Matrix; v = vector (double or integer {complex maybe?}):
.M.v <- function(x, y) callGeneric(x, as.matrix(y))
.v.M <- function(x, y) callGeneric(rbind(x), y)

.has.DN <- ## has non-trivial Dimnames slot?
    function(x) !identical(list(NULL,NULL), x@Dimnames)

## chol() via "dpoMatrix"
cholMat <- function(x, pivot, LINPACK) {
    px <- as(x, "dpoMatrix")
    if(identical(TRUE, validObject(px, test=TRUE)))
    else stop("'x' is not positive definite -- chol() undefined.")
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