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revision 1444, Mon Aug 22 11:50:13 2016 UTC revision 1445, Sun Oct 9 09:30:58 2016 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  importFrom("NLP", "content", "content<-", "meta", "meta<-", "words")  importFrom("NLP", "content", "content<-", "meta", "meta<-", "words")
2  importFrom("Rcpp", "evalCpp")  importFrom("Rcpp", "evalCpp")
 importFrom("parallel", "mclapply")  
3  importFrom("stats", "coef", "cor", "lm", "setNames")  importFrom("stats", "coef", "cor", "lm", "setNames")
4  importFrom("utils", "download.file", "getS3method", "unzip")  importFrom("utils", "download.file", "getS3method", "unzip")
5  importFrom("graphics", "abline", "plot")  importFrom("graphics", "abline", "plot")

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