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Diff of /pkg/Matrix/src/Mutils.h

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revision 2524, Wed Mar 17 18:41:12 2010 UTC revision 2525, Wed Mar 24 11:15:01 2010 UTC
# Line 242  Line 242 
242  SEXP dup_mMatrix_as_geMatrix (SEXP A);  SEXP dup_mMatrix_as_geMatrix (SEXP A);
244  SEXP new_dgeMatrix(int nrow, int ncol);  SEXP new_dgeMatrix(int nrow, int ncol);
245  SEXP m_encodeInd (SEXP ij, SEXP di);  SEXP m_encodeInd (SEXP ij, SEXP di, SEXP chk_bnds);
246  SEXP m_encodeInd2(SEXP i, SEXP j, SEXP di);  SEXP m_encodeInd2(SEXP i, SEXP j, SEXP di, SEXP chk_bnds);
249  static R_INLINE SEXP  static R_INLINE SEXP

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