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Diff of /pkg/Matrix/src/Csparse.h

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revision 2627, Mon Dec 6 14:33:15 2010 UTC revision 2628, Sat Dec 11 16:56:51 2010 UTC
# Line 23  Line 23 
23  SEXP Csparse_to_Tsparse(SEXP x, SEXP tri);  SEXP Csparse_to_Tsparse(SEXP x, SEXP tri);
24  SEXP Csparse_to_dense(SEXP x);  SEXP Csparse_to_dense(SEXP x);
25  SEXP Csparse_to_nz_pattern(SEXP x, SEXP tri);  SEXP Csparse_to_nz_pattern(SEXP x, SEXP tri);
26    SEXP nz_pattern_to_Csparse(SEXP x, SEXP res_kind);
27    SEXP nz2Csparse           (SEXP x, enum x_slot_kind r_kind);
28  SEXP Csparse_to_matrix(SEXP x);  SEXP Csparse_to_matrix(SEXP x);
29  SEXP Csparse_transpose(SEXP x, SEXP tri);  SEXP Csparse_transpose(SEXP x, SEXP tri);
30  SEXP Csparse_validate (SEXP x);  SEXP Csparse_validate (SEXP x);

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