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Tue Mar 31 15:29:43 2015 UTC (4 years, 5 months ago) by mmaechler
File size: 3895 byte(s)
full (hope ! ;-) support for [t]crossprod(*, boolArith=TRUE)
#ifndef MATRIX_H
#define MATRIX_H
#include <Rdefines.h>
#include <Rconfig.h>
#include "cholmod.h" //--->  M_cholmod_*() declarations

#ifdef	__cplusplus
extern "C" {
// and  bool is defined
# define bool Rboolean

# define attribute_hidden __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")))
# define attribute_hidden

// Copied from ../../src/Mutils.h ----------------------------------------
#define MATRIX_VALID_ge_dense			\
        "dmatrix", "dgeMatrix",			\
	"lmatrix", "lgeMatrix",			\
	"nmatrix", "ngeMatrix",			\
	"zmatrix", "zgeMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_ddense					\
		    "dgeMatrix", "dtrMatrix",			\
		    "dsyMatrix", "dpoMatrix", "ddiMatrix",	\
		    "dtpMatrix", "dspMatrix", "dppMatrix",	\
		    /* sub classes of those above:*/		\
		    /* dtr */ "Cholesky", "LDL", "BunchKaufman",\
		    /* dtp */ "pCholesky", "pBunchKaufman",	\
		    /* dpo */ "corMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_ldense			\
		    "lgeMatrix", "ltrMatrix",	\
		    "lsyMatrix", "ldiMatrix",	\
		    "ltpMatrix", "lspMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_ndense			\
		    "ngeMatrix", "ntrMatrix",	\
		    "nsyMatrix",		\
		    "ntpMatrix", "nspMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_Csparse			\
 "dgCMatrix", "dsCMatrix", "dtCMatrix",		\
 "lgCMatrix", "lsCMatrix", "ltCMatrix",		\
 "ngCMatrix", "nsCMatrix", "ntCMatrix",		\
 "zgCMatrix", "zsCMatrix", "ztCMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_Tsparse			\
 "dgTMatrix", "dsTMatrix", "dtTMatrix",		\
 "lgTMatrix", "lsTMatrix", "ltTMatrix",		\
 "ngTMatrix", "nsTMatrix", "ntTMatrix",		\
 "zgTMatrix", "zsTMatrix", "ztTMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_Rsparse			\
 "dgRMatrix", "dsRMatrix", "dtRMatrix",		\
 "lgRMatrix", "lsRMatrix", "ltRMatrix",		\
 "ngRMatrix", "nsRMatrix", "ntRMatrix",		\
 "zgRMatrix", "zsRMatrix", "ztRMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_tri_Csparse		\
   "dtCMatrix", "ltCMatrix", "ntCMatrix", "ztCMatrix"

#define MATRIX_VALID_CHMfactor "dCHMsuper", "dCHMsimpl", "nCHMsuper", "nCHMsimpl"

CHM_SP M_as_cholmod_sparse (CHM_SP ans, SEXP x, Rboolean check_Udiag, Rboolean sort_in_place);
CHM_TR M_as_cholmod_triplet(CHM_TR ans, SEXP x, Rboolean check_Udiag);
CHM_DN M_as_cholmod_dense(CHM_DN ans, SEXP x);
CHM_DN M_numeric_as_chm_dense(CHM_DN ans, double *v, int nr, int nc);
CHM_FR M_as_cholmod_factor(CHM_FR ans, SEXP x);
double M_chm_factor_ldetL2(const_CHM_FR f);
CHM_FR M_chm_factor_update(CHM_FR f, const_CHM_SP A, double mult);

#define AS_CHM_DN(x) M_as_cholmod_dense((CHM_DN)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_dense)), x )
#define AS_CHM_FR(x) M_as_cholmod_factor((CHM_FR)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_factor)), x )

#define AS_CHM_SP(x) M_as_cholmod_sparse ((CHM_SP)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_sparse)), x, (Rboolean)TRUE, (Rboolean)FALSE)
#define AS_CHM_TR(x) M_as_cholmod_triplet((CHM_TR)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_triplet)),x, (Rboolean)TRUE)
/* the non-diagU2N-checking versions : */
#define AS_CHM_SP__(x) M_as_cholmod_sparse ((CHM_SP)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_sparse)), x, (Rboolean)FALSE, (Rboolean)FALSE)
#define AS_CHM_TR__(x) M_as_cholmod_triplet((CHM_TR)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_triplet)), x, (Rboolean)FALSE)

#define N_AS_CHM_DN(x,nr,nc) M_numeric_as_chm_dense((CHM_DN)alloca(sizeof(cholmod_dense)), x , nr, nc )

SEXP M_Csparse_diagU2N(SEXP x);
SEXP M_chm_factor_to_SEXP(const_CHM_FR f, int dofree);
SEXP M_chm_sparse_to_SEXP(const_CHM_SP a, int dofree, int uploT, int Rkind,
			  const char *diag, SEXP dn);
SEXP M_chm_triplet_to_SEXP(const CHM_TR a, int dofree, int uploT, int Rkind,
			   const char* diag, SEXP dn);

SEXP M_dpoMatrix_chol(SEXP x);

int M_Matrix_check_class_etc(SEXP x, const char **valid);

// ./Matrix_stubs.c   "illustrative example code" (of the above):
bool Matrix_isclass_Csparse(SEXP x);
bool Matrix_isclass_triplet(SEXP x);
bool Matrix_isclass_dense(SEXP x);
bool Matrix_isclass_CHMfactor(SEXP x);

/* TODO:  Utilities for C level of model_matrix(*, sparse) */

#ifdef	__cplusplus

#endif /* MATRIX_H */
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