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Mon May 11 13:55:18 2015 UTC (4 years, 4 months ago) by mmaechler
File size: 635 byte(s)
image(.) now does forward `...` to methods.
#### Superclass Methods for all sparse nonzero-pattern matrices

.C2nC <- function(from, isTri = is(from, "triangularMatrix"))
    .Call(Csparse_to_nz_pattern, from, isTri)

setAs("CsparseMatrix", "nsparseMatrix", function(from) .C2nC(from))
setAs("CsparseMatrix", "nMatrix",       function(from) .C2nC(from))

setAs("nsparseMatrix", "dsparseMatrix", function(from) as(from, "dMatrix"))

setMethod("", signature(x = "nsparseMatrix"), is.na_nsp)

if(getRversion() >= "3.1.0")
setMethod("anyNA", signature(x = "nsparseMatrix"), function(x) FALSE)

setMethod("image", "nsparseMatrix", function(x, ...) image(as(x,"dMatrix"), ...))
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