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pkg/DESCRIPTION revision 725, Tue May 10 14:50:39 2005 UTC pkg/Matrix/DESCRIPTION revision 3206, Thu Feb 9 16:23:17 2017 UTC
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1  Package: Matrix  Package: Matrix
2  Version: 0.95-8  Version: 1.2-9
3  Date: 2005-05-10  Date: 2017-02-09
4  Title: A Matrix package for R  Priority: recommended
5  Author: Douglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler <>  Title: Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
6  Maintainer: Douglas Bates <>  Author: Douglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler
7  Description: Classes and methods for numerical linear algebra  Maintainer: Martin Maechler <>
8      using Lapack, LDL, and Metis.  Contact: Doug and Martin <>
9  Depends: R (>= 2.1.0), methods  Description: Classes and methods for dense and sparse matrices and
10  Imports: graphics, lattice, grid      operations on them using 'LAPACK' and 'SuiteSparse'.
11  LazyLoad: yes  Depends: R (>= 3.0.1)
12  LazyData: yes  Imports: methods, graphics, grid, stats, utils, lattice
13  License: GPL version 2 or later.  Suggests: expm, MASS
14   This R package includes code from the LDL and Metis packages,  Enhances: MatrixModels, graph, SparseM, sfsmisc
15   which are covered by separate copyrights.  See the file Copyrights for  Encoding: UTF-8
16   details.  LazyData: no
17    LazyDataNote: not possible, since we use data/*.R *and* our classes
18    BuildResaveData: no
19    License: GPL (>= 2) | file LICENCE
20    URL:

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