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pkg/DESCRIPTION revision 2295, Thu Oct 16 17:22:12 2008 UTC pkg/Matrix/DESCRIPTION revision 3278, Sun Apr 8 14:50:31 2018 UTC
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1  Package: Matrix  Package: Matrix
2  Version: 0.999375-16  Version: 1.2-14
3  Date: 2008-10-16  Date: 2018-04-08
4    Priority: recommended
5  Title: Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods  Title: Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
6  Author: Douglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler <>  Contact: Doug and Martin <>
7  Maintainer: Doug and Martin <>  Maintainer: Martin Maechler <>
8  Description: Classes and methods for dense and sparse matrices and  Authors@R: c(person("Douglas","Bates", role="aut")
9      operations on them using Lapack and SuiteSparse.   , person("Martin","Maechler", email="",
10  Depends: R (>= 2.6.0), stats, methods, utils, lattice             role = c("aut","cre"))
11  Imports: graphics, lattice, grid, stats   , person("Timothy A.", "Davis", role="ctb",
12  Enhances: graph, SparseM             comment = c("SuiteSparse and 'cs' C libraries, notably CHOLMOD, AMD;
13  SystemRequirements: GNU make                         collaborators listed in
14  LazyLoad: yes                          dir(pattern = '^[A-Z]+[.]txt$', full.names=TRUE,
15                                system.file('doc', 'SuiteSparse', package='Matrix'))"))
16     , person("Jens", "Oehlschlägel", role="ctb", comment="initial nearPD()")
17     , person("Jason", "Riedy", role="ctb",
18              comment = c("condest() and onenormest() for octave",
19                          "Copyright: Regents of the University of California"))
20     , person("R Core Team", role = "ctb", comment="base R matrix implementation")
21     )
22    Description: A rich hierarchy of matrix classes, including triangular,
23       symmetric, and diagonal matrices, both dense and sparse and with
24       pattern, logical and numeric entries.   Numerous methods for and
25       operations on these matrices, using 'LAPACK' and 'SuiteSparse' libraries.
26    Depends: R (>= 3.2.0)
27    Imports: methods, graphics, grid, stats, utils, lattice
28    Suggests: expm, MASS
29    Enhances: MatrixModels, graph, SparseM, sfsmisc
30    Encoding: UTF-8
31  LazyData: no  LazyData: no
32  LazyDataNote: no longer available, since we use data/*.R *and* our classes  LazyDataNote: not possible, since we use data/*.R *and* our classes
33  License: GPL (>= 2)  BuildResaveData: no
34  LicenseDetails: The Matrix package includes libraries AMD, CHOLMOD,  License: GPL (>= 2) | file LICENCE
35   COLAMD, CSparse and SPQR from the SuiteSparse collection of Tim  URL:
36   Davis.  All sections of that code are covered by the GPL or LGPL  BugReports:
  licenses.  See the directory doc/UFsparse for details.  

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