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pkg/DESCRIPTION revision 1325, Tue Jul 18 15:07:18 2006 UTC pkg/Matrix/DESCRIPTION revision 2819, Thu Aug 16 08:51:47 2012 UTC
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1  Package: Matrix  Package: Matrix
2  Version: 0.995-12  Version: 1.0-9
3  Date: 2006-07-17  Date: 2012-08-11
4  Title: A Matrix package for R  Priority: recommended
5    Title: Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
6  Author: Douglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler <>  Author: Douglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler <>
7  Maintainer: Douglas Bates <>  Maintainer: Doug and Martin <>
8  Description: Classes and methods for numerical linear algebra  Description: Classes and methods for dense and sparse matrices and
9      using Lapack, LDL, and Metis.      operations on them using Lapack and SuiteSparse.
10  Depends: R (>= 2.3.1), stats, methods, utils, lattice  Depends: R (>= 2.15.0), stats, methods, utils, lattice
11  Imports: graphics, lattice, grid, stats  Imports: graphics, grid
12  Suggests: mlmRev, MASS, coda  Suggests: expm, MASS
13  SystemRequirements: GNU make  Enhances: MatrixModels, graph, SparseM, sfsmisc
14  LazyLoad: yes  Encoding: UTF-8
15  LazyData: yes  LazyData: no
16  License: GPL version 2 or later.  LazyDataNote: no longer available, since we use data/*.R *and* our classes
17   This R package includes code from the Metis package and from NIST.  BuildResaveData: no
18   This code is covered by separate copyrights; see the file Copyrights  License: GPL (>= 2)
19   for details.  This R package includes code from the University of  LicenseDetails: The Matrix package includes libraries AMD, CHOLMOD,
20   Florida sparse matrix library maintained by Tim Davis.  All sections   COLAMD, CSparse and SPQR from the SuiteSparse collection of Tim
21   of that code are covered by the GPL or LGPL licenses.  See the   Davis.  All sections of that code are covered by the GPL or LGPL
22   directory doc/UFsparse for details.   licenses.  See the directory doc/UFsparse for details.
23    URL:

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