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src/  3280  6 weeks  mmaechler  (comment only)
vignettes/  3265  4 months  mmaechler  make M[ i] more efficient; fix <sparseVector>[ -i ]
tests/  3269  3 months  mmaechler  fix large dspMatrix (& dtpMatrix) integer overflow bug
R/  3265  4 months  mmaechler  make M[ i] more efficient; fix <sparseVector>[ -i ]
inst/  3278  3 months  mmaechler  ready for release
data/  2927  4 years  mmaechler  Matrix 1.0-16: *no* "Depends", just "Imports"
po/  3277  3 months  mmaechler  German update from Detlef Steuer
man/  3279  2 months  mmaechler  Example: do not write outside tempdir()
.Rinstignore  3132  3 years  mmaechler  add one
DESCRIPTION  3278  3 months  mmaechler  ready for release
ChangeLog  3097  3 years  mmaechler  mini update, mainly NEWS.Rd; formal version++ => 1.2-1
TODO  3261  4 months  mmaechler  indeed, r3258 also did TODO as(m, "sparseM..") for large m
NAMESPACE  3258  4 months  mmaechler  new C matrix_to_Csparse() [direct, now CHOLMOD] and hence as("matrix", "sparseMa...
cleanup  2586  7 years  mmaechler  move Matrix/ directory "down"
.Rbuildignore  3225  11 months  mmaechler  remove fullpage.sty
LICENCE  3166  2 years  mmaechler  LICENSE now *contains* the full GPL
Done  2950  4 years  mmaechler  M [negative indices] <- value; and an occasional bug in <sparseM>[cbind(i,j)]
omit-SPQR-parts  2628  7 years  mmaechler  fix <ngCMatrix> %*% <dense> -- providing fast C-based coercions
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