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Fri Feb 18 19:24:43 2005 UTC (14 years, 6 months ago) by bates
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Release 0.95-1
Cholesky-class          Cholesky Decompositions
Hilbert                 Generate a Hilbert matrix
LU-class                LU Matrix Decompositions
Matrix                  Construct a Classed Matrix
Matrix-class            Class "Matrix" Virtual Class of Matrices
Schur                   Schur Decomposition of a Matrix
ScotsSec                Scottish secondary school scores
bCrosstab               Create pairwise crosstabulation
coef<-                  Assign parameters
corrmatrix-class        Class "corrmatrix"
dCholCMatrix-class      Cholesky Decompositions of dsCMatrix Objects
dgBCMatrix-class        Class "dgBCMatrix" Real Sparse Blocked Column
                        Compressed Matrix
dgCMatrix-class         Compressed, sparse, column-oriented numeric
dgTMatrix-class         Sparse matrices in triplet form
dgeMatrix-class         General S4 Matrix class
dpoMatrix-class         Positive semi-definite, dense, numeric
dsCMatrix-class         Symmetric, compressed, sparse column matrices
dsyMatrix-class         Symmetric, dense matrices
dtCMatrix-class         Triangular, compressed, sparse column matrices
dtrMatrix-class         Triangular, dense, numeric matrices
expand                  Expand a Decomposition into Factors
expm                    Matrix exponential
facmul                  Multiplication by Decomposition Factors
lu                      Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix
mm                      A sample sparse model matrix
norm                    Norm of a Matrix
pdfactor-class          Factors of positive-definite matrices
pdmatrix-class          Positive-definite matrices
rcond                   Estimate the Reciprocal Condition Number
sscCrosstab             Create pairwise crosstabulation
sscCrosstab-class       Pairwise crosstabulations
ssclme-class            lme models as sparse, symmetric matrices
tcrossprod              Cross-product of transpose
unpack                  Full Storage Representation of Packed Matrices
y                       A sample response vector
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